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Expression mask color maps

The expression mask images you see on this site start out as gray scale images, with low expression appearing as black, and increasingly high expression showing as increasingly bright white. By default, we apply a color map to make the difference between high and low expression more distinct. On this page, you can choose how colors are mapped to expression masks. Your choice is stored in a javascript cookie on your computer. This means that your choice will stay in effect until either you return to this page to change it, or the cookie is deleted from your computer. It also means that your web browser must be configured to accept cookies, which is already the case for the great majority of users.

Because not all expression patterns are the same, we provide a means of adjusting how the color map is applied. We've found that for most of the images in this project most of the expression falls within a window that's about 60% of the full dynamic range of the expression mask image, and that window is centered about 60% of the way into the range. This is what the default color map is designed to reflect.

This is the default color map. Very low expression is mapped to black, increasing expression is mapped to increasingly 'hotter' colors.
Similar to above, with only absolute zero expression mapping to black.
Again similar to above, with smoother transitions from cooler to hotter colors. The coolest color in this map is a dark blue.
This maps low expression to black and high expression to white, with stops at red, yellow and points in between.
As above, with much less yellow.
Expression is mapped from black to red.
Black to blue.
Black to green.
No color map applied, this shows a gray scale image.